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Working hard in Novosibirsk

Vintage Adventurer arrives in Russia

Working hard in Novosibirsk

After beating Mongolia and crossing into Russia, Rod and Austen arrived in Novosibirsk ready to start rebuilding Ruby, their hardworking Ford Model A, to tackle the rest of the Peking to Paris 2016.

“I have no idea how the car keeps going as well as it does,” Rod explains. “The axle is bent both up and back and when we hit holes, and there are millions of them, the tyres hit the underside of the guards and, because the axle is now bent back on both sides, the tyres rub on the tyre wells!  I have 125-150mm reverse camber on one side and 70mm on the other. Steering this bucket is like a cat trying to bury shit on concrete!

“I have blistered toes and sore feet from endless gear and break movements and a sore butt from the rough.  It is worth it just to be up to 14th overall.  Some 23 cars are out, some have rolled and some are broken awaiting repair.

“We are beating many muscle cars and many EU beasts but it is the kiwi Chryslers that are just too fast for us.

“We had to cut the tyre lever off that had been welded to the front right side of the axle to stop it bending, then put the axle in the press and straighten it. We did this by eye and it turned out 1/8″ out but compared to what it was it is perfect. We welded a steel bar with supports across the axle.  Many comments from the guys about how good it now looks. Hopefully, that will get us to Kazan where the new axle will be waiting for us.

“Thanks have to be given to Snyders Antique Auto Parts, which shipped in all the parts to us, who without my run would be over. Austen was also a fantastic spanner man today and did exceptionally well.

“We have about 650k to do tomorrow and that is a huge day for a tired guy my age and an even more tired car.”

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