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Why we are here…

Why we are here…

The whole point of Rod doing motoring challenges such as the Peking to Paris Rally and the Ocean2Ocean is to raise awareness and money for kidney disease sufferers all over the world.

Rod’s plan is to create ‘Kidney Campervans’ that will be fitted with dialysis machines so that those needing treatment can go and enjoy a weekend away or a short holiday with their family without having to return to the hospital to dialyse.

The first camper van is on order and has been funded solely by the Wade family, who live with kidney disease on a daily basis. But we need more than one… we also need them in more than one country.

Kidney disease is a global problem. More people die from kidney disease than breast and prostrate cancer combined all over the world.

Please support our cause and give generously – any amount will help. You can donate here. Please quote ‘Kidney Kampervan’ when pledging your support.

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