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What A Day!!

What A Day Great rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

What A Day!!

What a day!!!

I took the Fuso 4wd to Ray at The Tyre Professionals Nerang and the huge Michelin single tyres for the rear were fitted. Frank had the fronts put to the back and two new Michelins donated by BF Goodrich were fitted to the front…. but not without an issue.

One of the back wheel stud threads was burred and the impact gun wound some metal up into the threads when taking a nut off. This was going to be a huge job to fix because the rear axle would have to be removed, then the brake drum so the drum could go into a press and push the stud out….this was the left hand side and the threads are left hand too so there was no way I could find a left hand die nut to clean up the thread. I headed back to my workshop thinking all the way of just how I could fix the problem without spending a day in a dealer workshop.

Being an ex farm lad, over years many an issue like this had to be fixed on the farm and not in a dealer centre. So I applied ingenuity learnt from my farm days. In my own workshop I took out the Drenel and was able to clean off a couple of the burred starter threads. I then made a small cut in the nut thread and using some cutting compound I slowly but surely ended up with the nut all the way in, and with a few runs on and off and a clean off, all was good. The nut went on like it was made to.

What a victory! I saved a day at the dealer workshop and quite a few dollars for parts. The best part was saving time because I need every hour of every day to have all 4 vehicle ready for Day 1 of The Great Rattler Run.


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