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We made it!

We made it!


After 33 days and over 12,000km, we made it all the way from Peking to Paris!

Some special thanks from Rod Wade, the Vintage Adventurer – Car #18
• Philip Young, Founder & Director of the Endurance Rally Association – For providing a magnificent event.
• ERA Support Crew – Mechanical Support P2P. Great Job Guys & Girls
• ERA Office – Preparation and clearance of paperwork and organisation
• Michael Flanders, AutoSense – Mechanical Preparation
• Kel Constantine, Katshu Marketing & Management – Marketing and Management
• John Bell – Navigator • Flight Centre – Flights and Emergency Transport
• Covermore – Personal Insurance
• Snyder’s Antique Auto Parts – Emergency Spares
• Fedex – Air Freight
• CARS UK – Ocean and Land Freight
• Mitchell Manufacturing – Gearbox and Overdrive

This adventurer would not have been possible without our wonderful, dedicated sponsorship partners – thank you.
• Penrite Oil Company
• Evans Waterless Coolants
• Pedders Suspension Southport
• Beaudesert Exhausts
• Gold Coast Cranes
• GoTEK7
• King Springs Mechanical Repairs Salzburg Austria
• Ludwig Schneider – Engineering Workshop
• MRT KFZ-Fachbetrieb – Mechanical Workshop
• Andy Baumann – Mechanic
• Stephanie Nausner – Product Securement
• Fredrich Knauer – Stuttgart Specialist Oils

A special acknowledgement for the assistance provided by both Andy and Stephanie that made it possible for Tudor Rose to stay on target and drive over the finish line in Paris. I would also like to thank all the entrants that participated for the kindness and goodwill they extended to me and a special thanks to those that made the P2P the event it is.

A real special thanks to my wife Nola and daughter Louise. They fought adversity to make it to Paris two days before the end of the P2P where Nola dialysed so she could welcome me and Tudor Rose over the line. Nola and Louise then made a quick dash back to Australia for dialysis treatment that started at 11pm Tuesday and finished at 5am Wednesday. We hope our participation in this event has helped to create awareness for kidney disease and to raise funds for Kidney Health Australia. It’s not too late to donate!

Last but far from least,
 Emma Wilkinson – Lest We Forget

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