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Waterproofing the Rattler

Waterproofing The Rattler Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

Waterproofing the Rattler

Today, being Sunday, is my family day, and a day of reflection. But when there is so much to prepare priorities shift.

On the Rattler today it was time to seal, as best I could, the floor area around the steering column, clutch and brake pedals to minimise water flowing in during creek crossings!! After a couple of hours I realised I was kidding myself and instead of waterproofing the Rattler it would be easier to waterproof myself!!!!

I’m taking my swimming togs for some crossings in the north, and for the south I will need a full waterproof top and bottom because when it rains down in Tasmania it never seems to stop …. and it pelts down too.

Tasmania is known for it’s very temperamental weather and just outside Hobart is Mt Wellington, which is known to have snow on it if a squall comes through from the southwest, even in the summer. If we do get a full on southerly from the Antarctic it will probably snow in lots of places. At 5pm today it was 2 degrees centigrade!!! The BOM is forecasting -2 degrees for tomorrow morning!!! I am hoping for warmer weather in two weeks’ time.


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