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Vintage Adventurer helps kidney disease sufferers hit the road

Vintage Adventurer helps kidney disease sufferers hit the road

During a classy, social Gold Coast farewell held Friday by Vintage Adventurer for their Peking to Paris rally, Kidney Health Australia were presented with a $50,000 donation.

The farewell was held in the Tamborine Mountains’ at the residence of Rod and Nola Wade, to celebrate the imminent departure of Rod, the Vintage Adventurer, and his team who are travelling from Peking to Paris in just 33 days in his 1930 Model A Ford. Kidney Health Australia is held very dear to the Wade family as kidney disease has run rampant through the family with Rod’s wife, Nola, and daughter, Louise, being affected.

“We owe a lot to Kidney Health Australia and wanted to show a token of our gratitude for their support and ongoing assistance. Kidney disease can be very debilitating as you rely on dialysis and getting to and from sessions becomes an ongoing limitation. It can truly wear you down mentally” said Mrs Wade.

Anne Wilson, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Kidney Health Australia was on hand on the night to receive the donation and was happy to celebrate good news with the Wade’s. “I have known the Wade family for a while and unfortunately it is a professional hazard to meet people under difficult circumstances. But tonight it is lovely to celebrate this very generous donation with Rod, Nola, and Louise and to farewell him as he leaves to make tracks overseas and hopefully break some records.”

Kidney Health Australia focuses on early management, health programs and dialysis. The Wades are making the donation to Kidney Health Australia specifically to fit out campervans with dialysis machines so people requiring dialysis can take holidays around Australia, instead of being tethered to a machine at a clinic, hospital or at home. “This generous donation will enable dialysis patients from other states and countries to visit Australia and have a “normal” holiday also. This could certainly make a real difference” said Ms Wilson.

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