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The Paris Finish Line

Peking to Paris Finish Line Vintage Advernturer

The Paris Finish Line

Paris at last! The crews had to do it the hard way, nothing changes. Rod and Austen did 170k through the paddocks again and many villages.  The village people were out in force to welcome them through, people the whole way from Peking were out on the roadside the whole way, eagerly waving and clapping.

“Again there were many people in the square in Paris to welcome us in,” adds Rod. “It is hard to not choke up, as it is such a relieving yet awe inspiring feeling. It is worth every turn of the wheel and rev of the engine.

“Ruby the 1930 Model A Ford made it to Paris. Ruby will never be the same again. She has been battered and abused but dearly loved and her heart was strong to the end. I would like to thank you for the wonderful strong engine that ran faultlessly the entire 13,000+k thru some of the most demanding terrain I have ever driven. What a brilliant engine Ora Landis from Strasburg PA, USA, built for me. Thank you Ora and Jen.

“To be able to thrash Ruby through the Mongolian Desert and then tackle the alps and still be strong and able to climb from 200m to 2000m in two hours around hairpin bends and then down again only to do the same again is testament to the strength of the heart of Ruby.

“Thanks also to my navigator and dear friend Austen Ritchie, who was in it 100% all the way.

“There are many people to thank for our safe arrival in Paris and I will write to them all when I get back to Australia to thank them.

“Tonight’s award presentation was a surprise. We came second in class and won a silver medal award.  Second was behind the two Chrysler 75s which have two more springs and two more cylinders.

“Overall it was a good result for an old banger…and the Ford Model A!”


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