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The first test drive…

The first test drive…

On Sunday 4th May, Rod and Austen took the Ford Model A aka Tudor Rose for the first run half way to Brisbane and back after re-fitting the front seats and seat belts, and refitting the floor boards (yep they are boards, no metal floors in these cars). Tudor Rose went OK but lacked that beautiful noise and exhaust note.

Back in the workshop we fitted the new rims from Snyder’s Antique Parts, thanks to Don Snyder III, and the new Dahl Radial tyres from Ben McKinnon at Antique Tyres Melbourne. We reset the timing, made some other minor adjustments and off we went again for a trial drive along the same route as before to get a true comparison.

The ride, the steering and the handling was brilliant with the new wheels and tyres. The engine ran far better after the adjustment to the timing and once again Tudor Rose was making that beautiful noise…

Over the next few days Tudor Rose will have all the comfort trimmings put back inside…..some old carpet on the floor! That is it.

One of the biggest issues in the past with Tudor Rose was that when travelling at the top end or climbing long hills, overheating occurred and to rectify that an electric water pump and fan from John Benson from Davies Craig Melbourne has been fitted. The combination of electric water pump and fan worked a treat and allowed more power to turn the wheels instead of turning a water pump.

Within the next two weeks Tudor Rose will be driven at least a 1000k to test every component and after another oil change using Penrite Classic 25w-70 which is the best oil yet that Rod has used and thanks to Fleur Diamond from Penrite HQ for believing in Tudor Rose and the team and supporting the O2O Oz World Record attempt.

Rod said: “Not only am I excited but I believe now, more than ever, that this crazy drive across Australia and back can be done in under 100hrs and we will raise enough money to build a Kidney Kamper for KHA and the people that really can benefit from having a mobile dialysis camper van.”

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