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The First Rest Day for 11 Days!

The First Rest Day for 11 Days!

Today was the first rest day I have had since leaving the Gold Coast 11 days ago. In that time I have driven up to Alice Springs, via Mt Isa, then through the middle of the desert up to Broome, then across the Top End to Darwin. This feels a bit like driving at rally pace, and although it may look like I’m having a fabulous holiday when you see the pictures, you might notice that most of them are taken from the car!

That’s what doing a recce is all about. Get out and check the road conditions, and drive all over the place looking for some interesting ground to cover when I return with a film crew and The Rattler. So this rest day was well earned in my book!  Still had a little time to venture out and drive through town, then out to East Point and walk on the rock shelf at low tide.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Kakadu and Jabiru, then down to Mataranka and further south.

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