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Kidney Health Australia and the Kidney Kamper Programme

The ‘Ocean to Ocean Challenge Australia’ raised money to create a fleet of ‘Kidney Kampers’ for Kidney Health Australia. These are campervans fitted with dialysis machines so those suffering from kidney disease can still have the freedom to travel away from the hospital for weekends away and short holidays. With kidney disease affecting Rod’s wife and daughter, he has raised thousands for Kidney Health Australia, and they commissioned the first Kidney Kamper prototype.

Kidney Health Australia CEO, Anne Wilson, encourages Australians to lend their support. “We are grateful to Rod for his Ocean to Ocean challenges and his fundraising for Kidney Health Australia,” said Ms Wilson, “We hope to see the whole of Australia get behind him on his quest.

“More than 11,500 Australians live on dialysis and it can be very difficult for them to take a holiday due to their treatment restrictions – which require them to dialyse three times a week for five hours per session,” continued Ms Wilson. “The creation of a fleet of ‘Kidney Kampers’ would mean that dialysis patients would have the freedom to take a self-guided holiday, without missing these life-saving treatments.”

Every day in Australia, 56 people die from kidney-related disease, whilst 1.7 million Australians are unaware that they have indicators of kidney disease – such as reduced kidney function.



Please visit:
Call: 1800 454 363

Kidney Health Australia
GPO BOX 9993
QLD 4000

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