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The Canopy Arrives!!

The Canopy Arrives Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

The Canopy Arrives!!

The canopy arrives!!!!

Crew member Mark from Wicked Fabrications that makes all things aluminium and stainless steel for my cars and of course for boats at the Coomera Marina Precinct arrived at my workshop at afternoon smoko with a canopy for the Rattler that his mate at the marina had made up. The ‘lid’ fitted perfectly and will now go to my mate Gordon at Graffiti Stickers to be decaled with the Vintage Adventure Logo on Monday.

The ‘lid’ is a feel good thing…when it rains it makes you feel good that you have a roof on!! In real terms though, it does just about nothing. But it is good when stopped at traffic lights to keep the rain off…well sort of anyway. At least it makes a good canvas for decals and if we do get some real sunshine in the north, it will sure be a blessing to have.


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