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P2P 2019

The Journey
Peking to Paris 2019

After taking on the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge twice, Rod was determined it was going to be third time lucky. 

The 2019 route added a new element with a section through Kazakhstan after gruelling sections through Mongolia. 

“I was determined to make the 2019 Peking to Paris my best result yet. I was itching for a win, I needed a win,” explains Rod. 

However, three weeks before the start, Rod was on his way home from hospital recovering from a frozen spine and a prostate operation. Just sitting was a challenge but a week out, in true Rod style, he decided he could do it. 

“For the first week or so, I thought I’d made a huge mistake because the pain was horrendous, constantly moving my seat as well as my body to find a comfortable driving position,” adds Rod.

“By week three, I was settling down and the drive was bearable and there were moments of joy as day-by-day, me and Ruby, along with navigator Kelly Whitton, slowly crept up the leader board. A week out from Paris, the drive became one of scheming, planning and tactics. 

“Without doubt, crossing the finish line is always a thrill but to finish 1st in Class and 5th overall in the Vintageant category was undoubtedly the best ever.”

P2P Map 2019

Peking to Paris 2019 – Itinerary


DayWeekdayDateCountryFromToDistance (Km)
1Sunday02/06/2019ChinaBeijing (Peking)Hohhot539
3Tuesday04/06/2019MongoliaErenhotIkhkhet Campsite395
4Wednesday05/06/2019Ikhkhet CampsiteUlaanbaatar366
5Thursday06/06/2019Rest Day – Ulaanbaatar0
6Friday07/06/2019UlaanbaatarUnitiin Brigada Campsite457
7Saturday08/06/2019Unitiin Brigada CampsiteTsagaan-Uul Campsite381
8Sunday09/06/2019Tsagaan-Uul CampsiteUndurkhangai Campsite341
9Monday10/06/2019Undurkhangai CampsiteAchit Lake Campsite449
10Tuesday11/06/2019RussiaAchit Lake CampsiteKochevnik Campsite371
11Wednesday12/06/2019Kochevnik CampsiteAya557
14Saturday15/06/2019Rest Day – Novosibirsk0
17Tuesday18/06/2019AstanaBalkashino Campsite461
18Wednesday19/06/2019Balkashino CampsiteKostanay591
19Thursday20/06/2019RussiaKostanayBannoe Lake469
20Friday21/06/2019Bannoe LakeUfa356
21Saturday22/06/2019Rest Day – Ufa0
23Monday24/06/2019KazanNizhny Novgorod487
24Tuesday25/06/2019Nizhny NovgorodZavidovo595
25Wednesday26/06/2019ZavidovoSt Petersburg664
26Thursday27/06/2019Rest Day – St Petersburg0
27Friday28/06/2019FinlandSt PetersburgHyvinkaa488


Good times!

Paweł Ćwik ERA Competitors

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Rod kicking up the mud in Russia

Rod kicking up the mud in Russia on the #PekingtoParis #Rally. Image © Gerard Brown

No news from Rod and Kelly in Mongolia but they’re doing great!

Currently in eighth place in the Vintage section overall and second in class! #PekingtoParis #Rally

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