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The Journey
Cockle Creek, Tasmania, to Cape York, Queensland, Australia

Following on from the 2015 Desert Rattler Run, Vintage Adventurer Rod Wade headed off on the second instalment of this difficult motor challenge – this time venturing from the furthest point south in Australia to the furthest point north.

The Great Rattler Run started at Cockle Creek in the deep south of Tasmania on Sunday 16th October, and journeyed 8750kms to Cape York in Queensland, Australia, arriving on Tuesday 1st November.

Once again, Rod was at the wheel of the 1929 Ford Model A that completed last year’s adventure, which was rebuilt ready for what would be one of the most difficult drives for a car of this kind.

Shot Gun Crossing

The route incorporated the ‘Straits’ – Bass Strait, the sea between Tasmania and the mainland to Torres Straits the sea between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

It also took in Melbourne, Narooma and Sydney, as well as the Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, up to Cairns, Port Douglas and as far as Bramwell.

The notorious Gun Shot Crossing, one of many river crossings that Rod and the crew had to get through with the 1929 Model A, also featured on the drive to the finish line.

Support vehicles were the Landcruiser, the Rattler as used in the previous adventure, and the Fuso 4wd Mini Dakar Truck, which also had complete rebuild for this particular trip to carry the emergency spares.

Rod also had a support crew travelling with him as well as a film crew to record this amazing adventure.

“The ‘Rattler Runs’ showcase the best Australian terrain,” Rod explained. “They highlight the amazing diversity of this beautiful country. So much so that we welcomed participants from overseas as part of the support crew as these adventures are a great way for them to see parts of Australia that tourists wouldn’t normally plan into their visit.”


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