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Ruby ready for the off!

Ruby completed with decal

Ruby ready for the off!

After months of hard graft, vintage adventurer Rode Wade and his navigator Austen Ritchie have finished the work on the 1930 Ford Model A ‘Fordor’ that will take them from the Great Wall of China, across 13,695 kilometers to the finish in the centre of Paris, France, as they compete in the Peking to Paris Rally.

Now adorned with the P2P rally plate and various decals, including a tribute to Rod’s dear friend and fellow adventurer Philip Young, the man who revived the Peking to Paris and was the founder of the historic rallying movement, Ruby was given some final ‘spit and polish’ before a photo shoot on the banks of the Coomera River.

Whilst he was there, Rod carried on the Vintage Adventurer tradition of collecting water from the river. This water will travel with Rod all the way to Paris, where after crossing the finish line, he will pour it into the River Seine, thus conveying the peacefulness of a free flowing river from one side of the world to the other. Rod says: “The spreading of peace across the world is a very satisfying thing for me…we need more of it!”

The duo finally waved off Ruby, as the car is known, as she was collected by Shaun from Midcoast Towing and headed off to the Port of Brisbane ready to be shipped to Beijing for the start of the Peking to Paris Rally on 12th June 2016.

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