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Repair Day!!

Great rattler Run Repair Day Vintage Adventurer

Repair Day!!

Today was repair day on the Rattler to dress up the mudguards that I flared with a pipe wrench when in deep sand in the Simpson Desert on The Desert Rattler Run. Using a pipe wrench to flare the guards was quite a drastic thing to do, but when minutes are precious this is the sort of thing one does!

Wicked Mark (Wicked Engineering) who is a driver on The Great Rattler Run called in after a couple of coffees this morning and we…well, mostly Mark started on the repairs. Took a few hours to complete and all I need to do now is buff the acrylic paint and the Rattler will look a treat. Mark is quite a tradie.

Simon Wynne called in today too. Simon was the road boss on The Desert Rattler Run and is going to fly in to Cairns this time and ride with me to Bramwell Nth Qld, where he will take the film crew’s vehicle via the Development Road to Loyalty Beach. The film crew will transfer to the Fuso 4wd for a couple of days on the Telegraph Track.

Should be one awesome trip!


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