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Ready to Rally

Ready to Rally

Rod has been working with navigator Jackson Evans on updating and upgrading the 1953 Ford to make it a bit more rally friendly. The excitement begins to grow as rally plates are fitted.

The Crestline The Crestline

Upgrading of the gauges was a priority, water temp into the engine, water temp out, oil pressure, RPM gauge, a Monit rally meter and a dual power supply with a separate circuit for all the dash operated electrics. One of the real important fitments was the 4-point seat belts and comfortable seating. Note the two spare wheels in the rear.

Rod said: “I am more than impressed with the huge amount of room in this car compared to my normal Model A Ford. I bought a new Stanley tool kit as its compact and has most tools required and hopefully not needed. The fuel cans in the rear are contained and strapped downs so to the de-bog mats and the recovery jack. 60 litres of extra fuel and 20 litres of water is an added 80kg in the rear but with the beefed up suspension and new shock absorbers the balance of the car is perfect.

There will be no more work on the car as I depart in two days for the Hershey Car Show in the USA. Whilst I am away the engine builder will continue to work away on the rebuild. Hand mad inlet and exhaust manifolds are taking quite a bit of time but thus far look pretty good.”

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