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Prostate Cancer Rally – The road to the start line

Prostate Cancer Rally

Prostate Cancer Rally – The road to the start line

After a full night’s rest in Moree’s Golden Harvest Motel, the Vintage Adventurer Rod Wade and his team forwarded onto Goondiwindi for a hot breakfast at the BP Roadhouse where we had a team discussion regarding if and how we could keep the Vintage Adventurer journey alive as we headed to the start of the Prostate Cancer Rally.

We fuelled up and drove to the local Dunlop Truck Tyre Centre. We discovered the spare tyre was starting to delaminate, not ideal as we had 550km to get home. Again the country hospitality shined through with no charge for the help given, the company owner gave the team Goondiwindi Tyre Service hats and we gave him our Vintage Adventurer hat and t-shirt.

So the next challenge began. Dan, Rod and Tom started to call around, from tyres shops to Military vehicle collectors, looking for what sounds to be the rarest tyre in Australia. More than 90% of the people we spoke to during the four hours search had never heard of a 255/100R16. We found one in Yatala Queensland but two spares were required for the teams safety moving forward. 

Vintage Adventurer’s Rod Wade had a spare car prepared for situations like this. Once we reached the Gold Coast with Trevor behind the wheel all the way home, we packed the Landcruiser ready to go for tomorrow’s departure. We plan to catch up with the other participants in Birdsville. But at least the journey continues.

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