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Prostate Cancer Rally – reaching the finish line

Prostate Cancer Rally

Prostate Cancer Rally – reaching the finish line

The final day and our last chance to raise more money for the incredible Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia; Ross Alexander, Peter Fehon and Trish Fehon had done an amazing job coordinating the past seven days.

Leaving Wilpena Pound Resort will be hard with their outstanding hospitality setting a new level of standard for the Prostate Cancer Rally. We took off down the gravel road turning right towards Hawker.

We passed more remote stations turning right again at the 44 gallon drum, before we knew we were back on the bitumen down R M Williams Way. Over countless grids keeping the sheep in, we pushed past the Bendleby Ranges.

We leap frogged many gates with car 274 before arriving for lunch in Peterborough at the diesel shed of the steam town heritage rail museum. The main attraction was first train introduced in 1903, an old sign rewarding people £2 for reporting others damaging the  Railway Telegraphy Line, it was ordered by the railway commissioner.

Now back on the road, we headed through Booborowie and Burra, past old miner cottages and onto the Barrier Highway. We weaved back and forth through the farmers road between the fields of vines producing the Barossa Valley region wines. A few more turns and the Vintage Adventurer had completed another 440kms.

The night had just began, the ballroom was packed with around 100 people. There was a silent auction in the room, along with various mentions of thanks from the podium at the front followed by a live auction raising more money for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

The Vintage Adventurer hadn’t lost sight of this rally’s goal. Collectively the room had reached $158,000 but Rod to exceed all expectations without making a scene sending Austen to the podium to donate a further $45,000 on the Vintage Adventurer Teams behalf. What an outstanding result for the amazing cause. 

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