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Only 1 More Sleep to go!!!

1 more sleep Great rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

Only 1 More Sleep to go!!!

Hello again!!! Only 1 more sleep to go!

Last prep day is almost over, and the final pack up, thorough check and highway test is done. With The Rattler well secured it was time for a final road test. The Landcruiser purred with its new telemetry and I was smiling 🙂

I called in to see my good friend and race engine builder, Troy, from Arundel Cylinder Heads The Rattler had a final timing check, and just as well, because it was a tad too faradvanced. I did it by ear because all of my specialist gear is in the 1930 Model A Ford ‘Ruby’ from the 2016 Peking to Paris Rally, who is still on her way back home. I am not sure when I will see Ruby again! Last I heard was that she was going to be loaded on a ship in Singapore!!

‪It’s now almost 5pm. In 12 hours we walk around the Landcruiser and trailer, kick the tyres, say goodbye to my wife Nola and daughter Louise and leave on the dot of 5am for the epic journey to Tasmania via the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. After final road checks and feedback from my road boss Simon who has just driven to Sydney, we have decided to go back to our original route which is the Newell Highway to Melbourne. Navigator Shaneen has to drive from Brisbane to be here on time which will mean a real early start for her. ‬
Thank you Shaneen.

So this is probably my last hooroo from home base. Stay tuned my friends, sit back and follow The Rattler as we head off and take on the entire East Coast of Australia from the middle, to the bottom, to the top ….. and back!

And btw, I’m grinning from ear to ear – Vintage Adventurer made it to ONE THOUSAND LIKES today. What a great way to start this journey.


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