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Made it to Longreach for the Night

Made it to Longreach for the Night

Early start today, 1,220 kms travelled, over 14 hours of driving (and laughing!) with my co-driver Debbi. 1,820 kms to go until we hit Alice.

On Sunday, co-driver Shaneen flies into Alice and Debbi flies home. If the weather holds up, we are then headed up the Tanami Track aiming for Halls Creek, then Broome, via the Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater. Basically, get a map of Australia, put a dot in the middle (Alice), then draw a line up to the top left corner (Broome).  Then, get your fingers, cross em’, and hope like hell the sky doesn’t open up while we are out in the middle of nowhere!

If we don’t post anything for a few days, call 000, or 911 (depending on your location).

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