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Leaving Alice Springs today, heading into the Outback!

Leaving Alice Springs today, heading into the Outback!

After spending a couple of days in Alice, checking out the amazing rock formations and local attractions, it’s time to drive off the bitumen and follow the road less travelled all the way up to the Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater!

We are expecting some amazing scenery. The desert has come alive with all the recent rains, the grass in Alice Springs and surrounds is greener than in Brisbane!  So stay tuned in the coming days for what is sure to be some spectacular photos.

Meanwhile, here’s a few photographs of Alice Springs and a couple of special pics taken at the Road Transport Hall of Fame at the Tom Kruse exhibit, where one of Tom’s trucks has been laid to rest.  Tom was the Birdsville Tack mailman who featured in the film “The Back of Beyond” made in 1954. I first saw the film in ’54 as a kid, which showed how difficult life was for Tom as an outback postman. I was lucky enough to meet Tom when I was 20, and working on oil rigs about 300 kms South of Birdsville.  Tom remains an inspiration to me to this day.

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