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Law of the Land

Vintage Adventurer does Laundry

Law of the Land

Today started well but after taking over four hours to get through the Polish border, it was a hard slog for the Vintage Adventurer crew to make it to their next bed. Hopefully with no drama… or so they hoped.

“As soon as we were into Poland, many of us were nabbed by the police for speeding,” Rod adds. “The sign we all saw was 70. I was on the speed gun at 72 but unbeknown to me and the others, the speed limit changes from 70 to 50!

“Cost was 100 new Polish whatever the currency is but I didn’t have any new Polish money as I was only in Poland at that stage for about an hour so the man in blue told me to take USD down the road to a shop to change to new Polish. He said “I will wait for you and keep your license and passport whilst you walk down and back!”

As it tuned out, it was to be a day for policeman for Rod. As he wound his way up a steep circular car park entry at the night’s hotel, he had to snatch bottom gear, missed it, and rolled back 4-500mm and just slightly touched a lady’s car. Not being able to understand each other, she called the police.

Rod explains: “I parked up and Austen headed for sleep. The lady refused to talk to me and just kept saying police coming.  The hotel management came out and were miffed by the lady’s attitude and explained Polish ladies are sometimes crazy and I just had to get a crazy one. The police were a bit amused by her attitude but had their job to do.

“I was fined 100 Polish whatevers again and asked the policeman what I could do to make the lady happy, can I offer her a $100 to fix the ding the size of a malnourished pea and they said no. If she wants her insurance to fix it she will have to come to the police station. The word protocol was tossed around and there were smiles and hand shakes and comments about crazy polish women.”

Just going back a step, the rally started from the city square this morning and Rod did a TV interview, with his laundry of a pair trousers and undies, which had just been washed draped over the bonnet drying. The reporter just couldn’t resist and the locals got more than they bargained for when they watched the news later that evening.

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