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Here is the long awaited PCFA Rally Summary

Here is the long awaited PCFA Rally Summary

This run was quite hard on the car but it did make it home in good shape considering.

When doing my Facebook postings I was a bit hard on myself and the 90 year old Ford. The Rattler actually did marvelously well for what it is and the issues we had were on par with 90 year old cars trying to keep up with modern 4wd vehicles.

My main issue was that the distances that needed to be covered per day to keep up meant that speeds had to increase beyond reasonable, so I had to manage the fallout from that and just did a bit of backtracking to meet up with the rally at a later stage in the marvelous Wilpena Pound.

After five days at home base the radiator is out and down at the repairers.  The only other damage of course is the front spring that just needs to be replaced and there is a need to weld the top right hand shock absorber mount back on and the Rattler is ready for another epic journey.

The day before we arrived at home base I did a night drive at the end of a days run and clocked up around 950km for the day.  I love the Rattler and can’t wait to take her our again into the difficult terrain that is found in Australia.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who supported the cause, I have received an updated figure, and the rally raised an outstanding amount of $183,000.00


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