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From the challenge of Mongolia, on to Russia

From the challenge of Mongolia, on to Russia

Vintage AdventurerWe’ve made it across one of the wildest and most inhospitable wildernesses on earth as we’ve travelled across remotest Mongolia. The punishing terrain soon got the better of some of the vehicles and drivers.

Seven cars had been forced to drop out within the first week unable to cope whilst others fix their vehicles with make-shift repairs, using whatever they can fine, everything from garden chain to Loctite glue.

The race leaders – split into two divisions for Vintageants and Classics – are seasoned professionals but even they are pushed to the limit. For those not looking to win, just to go the distance, it is not only a test of their driving skills. The grueling days of travelling through barren yet breathtakingly beautiful scenery may be pleasing to the eye but can be physically and mentally exhausting. Especially when you have to pitch up your tent, repair your vehicle and survive a cold night in freezing temperatures before you do it all again tomorrow, facing a new set of challenges from the unknown.

From Mongolia the route now travels through Russia, avoiding main roads and major towns and cities, and the longest stage sees competitors travelling 668Km (415 miles) in one day, as we journey from Novosibirsk to Omsk.

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