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From Kununurra to Lake Argyle then Katherine

From Kununurra to Lake Argyle then Katherine

Today we travelled 589 kms from Kununurra to Lake Argyle then Katherine, once again returning to the Northern Territory.

The long days of driving and exploring are filled with many moments of awe.  Along the way, we have seen so many beautiful sheer rocky cliffs, and mountains ranges that frame the rivers that weave around them.  The road to Lake Argyle became more and more impressive as we approached the water.

The view as we rounded the corner and commenced the descent down to the waterline was simply breathtaking. As we arrived at the large man made dam wall and drove across it, it was almost surreal.

This vast body of water, of which we could only see a small portion, would simply not exist if the wall had not been built to retain the flow of the Ord River and enable crop irrigation in the surrounding areas.


Look at the height of the dam wall at Lake Argyle, in comparison to the Landcruiser driving along the top of the wall!

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any diamonds on the road, nor in the tyres which we closely inspected after we arrived in Katherine! If only it were that easy Sia.

Tomorrow, we plan to explore Katherine Gorge and start heading North towards Darwin.

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