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From Brisbane Port to Beijing

From Brisbane Port to Beijing

The next time I see Ruby will be in Beijing and from now until then most days and every night I will be going over and over in my mind and dreams thinking the rebuild through to work out if I forgot anything………always do.

The preparation has been long and tedious, and I have had a lot of support from Penrite Oil, Davies Craig with water pumps, fans, tyre pressure monitors and some great technical advice from the guru of all thing racing John Benson from Davies Craig. My good friends Trevor Duncan – mechanic, Brett Young – Auto Electrician, Dean Smith – Dent Knocker and body repairer and spray painter…well done. Neil – Gold Coast Brakes built in some awesome stopping power, Andrea – Red Devil Radiators as always, top rebuild of the core and tanks. Don Snyder – Snyder’s Antique Auto Parts USA provided great advice and parts. Ora Landis from Schwalm’s babbitted Bearings built the engine way back in 2014-15 and it is still going strong.

There were just so many people that gave advice and assistance that has made the 2019 P2P possible.  My navigator Kelly Whitton out of Scottsdale, Arizona flew all the way to Australia to give a hand for a week… thanks Kelly. Austen Ritchie the navigator for the 2016 P2P who lives across the road from me was always on hand for the 2019 P2P rebuild. Mal Wood from Warwick and his team fitted a new gearbox and clutch pack, thanks Mal. Shaun – Midcoast Towing as always provided pick-up and delivery.

Office paperwork this year seemed to be greater and if it wasn’t for Debi my past long time secretary pitching in my brain would have been frazzled.

Most importantly the support from our daughter Louise prior to her passing last November was just so great, thanks Lou. My wife Nola has been absolutely right behind me doing this P2P even tho’ I said many times I should not go now you don’t have Lou to be with you whilst I am away.   Nola would not have a bar of me not going. Now that is real support.

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