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Ford Model A




Introduced as a replacement for the famous Model T, the Model A was produced between 1927 and 1932 with almost 5 million built. Faster and with a smoother engine compared to its predecessor, it was the first Ford to display the ‘Blue Oval’ badge and has long been a firm favourite on the customising and hot rod scene. As for the name, Henry Ford is reported to have said that it was so new that they would “wipe the slate clean and start all over again with the Model A.”

Two cars are for sale, one of them a 1929 model that has already had the body panels, doors and body tub separated, along with the chassis, engine and other driveline components. These are excellent cars from which to start a restoration.

My “Rattler” 1929 Model A Ford rally car started out this way, and it has been across Australia west to east via the five central Australian deserts. And it has also conquered the greatest sand dune, “Big Red”, west of Birdsville. It’s also been driven from Cockle Creek – the southernmost point in Tasmania – to Cape York, the northern most point of Australia. This is country so severe it defeats modern 4WD’s. If anyone wants a real rally car that is difficult to break then the 1929 Model A Ford is the one to have.


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