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Days 4,5,6 & 7 – Rattler Run III

Days 4,5,6 & 7 – Rattler Run III

On Wednesday afternoon, we all arrived safely in Alice Springs.

The Vito had rejoined us on Tuesday night at Jervois Station, and we all travelled into Alice together.  After three nights of camping out in the desert, where the minimum temps dropped as low as two degrees centigrade, we were all looking forward to spending the night in a warm bed.  The comforts of our hotel were short lived, and we departed Thursday morning headed north towards the Sandover Highway.  Now I wouldn’t want anyone to get confused by the term “highway” because it’s not the sort of highway us city dwellers use every day.  The terms “sand” “over” describe it much better, or perhaps “dirt” “road”!!!

After another night of camping last night, we are continuing to drive north east up towards Mount Isa, and then up to Sia Hok Kiang‘s copper mine.  Tonight we hope to camp at the mine and enjoy some of Sia’s hospitality!!  How about a warm bed Sia???



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