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Day 7: The Adventure Begins…

Day 7: The Adventure Begins…

The Desert Rattler Run began with a 5am start, it was pitch black with nothing but the moon to light the sky. We start our journey out to Steep Point for the first day of filming and the first time we get the Rattler off the trailer and into some sand.

Steep Point is the most western point of Australia and this is where the DRR truly begins. Rod collects water from the Indian Ocean with the plan to eventually place it into the Pacific Ocean, when we reach our final destination of Byron Bay.

We were all excited to get the Rattler into the sand and begin our trek to the Overlander. We are happy to report that the Rattler ran like a dream! We had no problems in the sand and we’ve reached our base camp and are already getting ready to set in for the 800km trip tomorrow to Leinster.

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