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Day 6: Preparation Day at the Overlander

Day 6: Preparation Day at the Overlander

After a great breakfast Rod and Bianca headed off on a 150km trip to Monkey Mia to pick up our American guests, Don and John Snyder. As this was their first trip to Australia, they did a little sight seeing on the way back to the overlander and stopped in at Shelly Beach. This amazing piece of the WA Coastline has sand made up of thousands of tiny shells and is something you need to see to believe. Rod took it one step further by taking home some proof – a bottle filled with Shelly Beach sand!!

Whilst Rod, Bianca, Don and John were on their way back to the Overlander, the rest of the team were doing the final checks and preparation for the journey to Steep Point tomorrow morning. Matt and our Kiwi friend Rob took the truck for a test drive in the sand while Clint and Miro prepared all of their filming equipment, ready for the start of the Desert Rattler Run tomorrow!!

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