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Day 6 – Peterborough – Wilpena Pound – 199 kms

Day 6 – Peterborough – Wilpena Pound – 199 kms

What a nice easy day today has been!  Had to be sure we would make it up to Wilpena Pound, so have been pushing the trip meter as far as we could in the last couple of days.

Arrived here around morning tea time and spent a couple of hours checking all the nuts and bolts, puttying up the radiator leak and checking the head bolts and water delivery pump.  Dare I say that everything is looking pretty good at the moment!

Rally cars have been arriving since mid afternoon. Looking forward to catching up with everyone tonight and hearing about what we’ve missed! Although I suspect they might have ‘missed’ more than we did. Can’t imagine many of them broke, then repaired their front springs, both rear shocks, the radiator and headlights!

Nor that they turned around to head home, then said ‘bugger that’ and decided to drive over 1,692 kms to meet the rally at the other end!  Nope, don’t think we missed much at all!  It’s all part of the adventure when you’re driving ‘vintage style’.

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