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Day 4 – Tasmania

Day 4 Tasmania Great Rattle Run Vintage Adventurer

Day 4 – Tasmania

Day 4 – Tasmania

This morning we started the day by driving to the airport to welcome more crew to Tasmania.

Kevin arrived first, flying in from Kangaroo Island, South Australia. He was followed shortly after by Mark from the Gold Coast. Mark brought his lovely young family and wife Natasha with him, and they will all be there to see us off at Cockle Creek on Sunday morning. As it happens, Mark grew up at Cockle Creek so he is no stranger to that neck of he woods. Last to arrive was Don Snyder III, our special overseas guest.

This afternoon we met up with the film crew who had just completed a recce to Cockle Creek and back. The hotel then asked me to drive The Rattler to the front of the lobby for a photo op’.

Now we are off to dinner and tomorrow we will start exploring a bit more now that everyone has arrived for the first leg of the journey from Cockle Creek, Tasmania to the Gold Coast, Queensland.


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