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Day 4 : Across the Nullabor Plains

Day 4 : Across the Nullabor Plains

We spent the night at the Wedge Tail Inn at Cocklebiddy and enjoyed a fantastic meal with FRESH VEGETABLES – after three days on the road this was a treat for everyone!!

In the morning after a great night’s sleep we said a quick goodbye to Sammy the Wedge Tail Eagle and headed off along the Nullabor Plains with the aim of traveling about 1,100kms. We stopped at the 90 mile stretch, the longest straight road in Australia and after traveling the 145km straight, we decided to put up a little greeting for our Kiwi Traveler Rob!!

We were having a great day, but things didn’t go according to plan when we arrived at Northam, our destination for the night to find that the small town is hosting the Australian Hot Air Balloon Championships. To our surprise there wasn’t a single room available, but not to worry we quickly came up with Plan B and decided to spend the night in York!!

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