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Day 3 – Nockatunga – Who knows where!

Day 3 – Nockatunga – Who knows where!

Good morning!  An early start for some of the crew today had them up at 3 am to head off to Quilpie in the Fuso and collect the spring from Austen.  Poor lad has to turn around and drive 1,000 km back down the bitumen to the Gold Coast.

The Rattler on the other hand, is aiming to get to Birdsville today, although that might just be slipping away from us. Birdsville is 718 kms north west of here, and there’s only 150 kms of bitumen in that.  At first light I discovered The Rattler’s radiator was leaking and almost dry. After filling up the kettle with 30 lots of muddy bore water, the radiator was full again … for now anyway.

So we are now about to fuel up and head off without our support vehicle, who’s trying to catch us from 300 kms up the road!  All these numbers are doing my head in. Let’s just hope nothing much else goes wrong as we set off to do the impossible and make it to Birdsville tonight!

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