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Day 3: Kimba to the Great Australian Bite

Day 3: Kimba to the Great Australian Bite

We start off day three with a freezing cold morning, covered with a heavy fog as we begin our 340km drive from the Kimba Motel Roadhouse to our breakfast and fuel stop at Ceduna. Along the way to Ceduna we see these brown cocoons hanging in the bushes on the side of the road. We are curious, so we get out and knock one over to see what’s inside.

Turns out it’s a hairy caterpillar nest!! After a quick Google search we discover they should be avoided at all costs as they can cause sever itching… Luckily for us we only touched them with a stick or we could have been in trouble.

We set off again for the Nullarbor plains, so naturally we stop for a photo before heading off to the Great Australian Bite. What an amazing sight!

Stay tuned as we head off again and continue through Western Australia to Perth…

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