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Day 2: Topar to Kimba

Day 2: Topar to Kimba

After stopping at the Topar Road House for brunch, Matt Dawson and Miro Mitrovich jumped in the dual fuel Triton and headed off. There wasn’t much scenery, plenty of wild goats and emus but Miro did a double take when Matt excitedly yelled out; “OMG, look at all the Meerkats”

Miro was surprised to hear that NSW had Meerkats, only to point out that Matt’s Meerkats were dead foxes hung on the fence. Miro promised that I wouldn’t tell anyone about Matt’s mistake and we set off again. They had only driven 10kms more when Matt also noticed there were milking cows in the scrub similar to the ones in Gippsland… It was at that point that Miro suggested they switch drivers!!

The rest of the day went smoothly and the DRR Team was in good spirits. After traveling over 1,100kms we all eventually stopped for the night at Kimba in South Australia for a good nights rest.

One more day of travelling tomorrow and we are on schedule to arrive in Perth to meet the rest of the DRR Team and head off for the official start of the Desert Rattler Run!

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