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Day 17 – Maryborough to Gold Coast

Day 17 – Maryborough to Gold Coast

Tonight The Rattler will finally sleep the night tucked away in her favourite workshop, back home on the Gold Coast.

This morning we made the short drive down from Maryborough, arriving back home before lunch. It certainly helps when you’re up at 5 am and out the driveway at 6 am!  As usual, the last day of one of my adventures is filled with the excitement of seeing my family again, and the sadness that we are leaving so many amazing places behind.

Right now, I’m sure someone is out there camping in the middle of the Simpson Desert, just as someone else is packing the car ready to go hit the CREB in the morning. Perhaps one day, you too will be lucky enough to see these amazing places for yourself, and I really do hope that my posts inspire someone, somewhere, to get in the drivers’ seat and go explore for yourself.

Whether it’s in your prized vintage car or your late model 4×4, so many things that seem all too hard are really not that hard at all.  If you don’t take the plunge, or you put it off too long, you’re missing out on some of the most amazing landscapes you will find anywhere in the world!  Don’t just look at the pictures and dream … go explore your own neck of the woods. Hopefully, I’ll see you there one day!

Before I sign off, I really want to thank my backup team for all their hard work and hours and hours of driving. Without them all, it would not have been possible to take this show on the road. To my camera crew, Ben Sherlock and Rhett Cutrell, I’m so thankful for your dedication and skill.  I can’t wait to share my journey with you all, and this just wouldn’t be possible without these guys.

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