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Day 16: Quilpie to Goondiwindi

Day 16: Quilpie to Goondiwindi

Our second last day of this massive journey was close to 850k trip and the morning has had its difficulties, first the Fuso Truck ran out of diesel (luckily we had a few jerry cans spare) and second the Rattler had another flat tyre. After all that was taken care of, we went in search of a petrol station within the next few kilometres as we were worried about being stuck on the side of the highway, and just in the nick of time we found one!! Eulo Service Station to the rescue!!

The rest of our journey was going well, until 100kms out of Goondiwindi when the Mitsubishi hit a Roo. Fortunately it rolled straight under the car and not up and over, so minimal damage was done – just a bend licence plate and snatched up bull bar, close call! We finally arrived at Goondiwindi for a well needed sleep, ready for a 5am start off to Byron tomorrow.

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