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Day 16 – Cardwell to Maryborough

Day 16 – Cardwell to Maryborough

As we get closer to home, the old girl is trying her best to keep it together and make it to the finish line.  She’s done a valiant job of getting me this far, but she let go of another shock absorber today, and now she’s rocking like a boat down highway one!

After travelling more than 7,000 kms, maybe this is her way of getting back at me!  At one point, she was coughing and farting her way up a hill, so I pulled over and found the battery almost flat. The radiator overflow hose had come loose and jammed the alternator drive belt.  If the belt can’t move, the battery won’t charge. Thankfully, this was only a small problem and she was up and running again in no time.

All up, travelling time was about 10.5 hours, with less than an hour of stops. And we are all rugging up once again, ‘cause heading south down here in Aus can only mean one thing … winter is coming.


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