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Day 15 – Cardwell to Mackay

Day 15 – Cardwell to Mackay

This morning we took a moment to enjoy watching the sun rise over Hinchinbrook Island, before we headed towards Mackay for the night.

Heading south, the lush tropical landscape disappeared and The Rattler rolled along the mostly flat bitumen for much of the day.  We surprised a local farmer at Merinda when The Rattler limped into his driveway with another flat tyre.

One quick tyre change later, we were underway and headed for my old stomping ground at Airlie Beach, where my wife Nola and I raised our kids for a few years. I couldn’t help but notice how the town has grown. After the recent cyclone up here, it was great to see that it was back on its feet and open for business.

As soon as we finished lunch, we were back on the road and driving to Mackay.  As we near the end of our journey, some of the crew say I’m like a riding school horse rounding the last corner before heading down to it’s paddock.

If you ask me, I’m just looking forward to bringing the old girl home, so I can fix her up and take her out on the next adventure.

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