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Day 1 on the Run to Perth!

Day 1 on the Run to Perth!

We headed off from Rod’s place at 7am to drive through to Goondiwindi for the first fuel stop, where we filled up, grabbed some food and headed off to Warwick, however that’s when the trouble struck.

The Triton stopped running, the engine lights came on and there was no fuel getting to the engine. Matt our mechanic had a look and thought perhaps it was the suction control valve or the fuel filter until Matt smelled petrol and asked; “hang on … doesn’t your car take diesel??”

Matt and Miro quickly checked the reciept from the last fuel stop and sure enough, one of the crew had accidentally filled the Triton with Unleaded instead of Diesel. Thank god the engine wasn’t damaged and has been running fine ever since (phew!!).

So after a long 12 hour day we were all happy to arrive in Cobar to spend the night in the Cobar Crossroads Motel, which was a nice, clean place where we all got a great night’s sleep.

Distance Traveled 1150kms

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