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1914 and 1921 Hupmobile

1914 and 1921 HUPMOBILE

Robert Hupp founded his motor company in 1909 and their first car – the Hupmobile Model 20 – was introduced at that year’s Detroit Automobile Show. It was a notable success, Hupp developing a reputation for producing solid and reliable cars and in 1911 the company began using all-steel bodies which was unusual for the time. The founder left the company in 1913, and despite developing a range of models in the years that followed the business began to struggle and closed its doors for good in 1939.

One of the models I’m offering for sale is a 1914 four-door open tourer built with a steel body – the only wood in it is to nail the upholstery to! It also has a new radiator and retains its original headlights. The engine has good compression and turns over freely. The same applies to the 1921 car that’s also for sale and that has been in storage for ten years, and I’d describe this one as a strong, solid car that’s ready for restoration.


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