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Brakes and a ‘box

Brakes and a ‘box

The prep on the Crestline is gathering pace – Rod brings us up to date with his two latest mods…

Says Rod “Whilst the engine is out being rebuilt it was time to fit a new steering box, a power steering box.  The off set was that I have had to drop the air conditioning because there was not enough room for all the required pulleys. I would rather run with power steering than with air conditioning. For that we will go with the old proven 2×100 type, two windows down and 100kph!”

With the Ford’s steering set-up sorted, Rod’s now focusing on the brakes. “The original brake system ran a single line from the master cylinder and was not power assist.  This meant that apart from having to push extremely hard on the brake pedal on and off over an 8 hour rally drive and have wrecked calf muscles at the end of the day the single line feed meant that if a line or slave cylinder leaked on any wheel that was it – no brakes!”

The new power assist is a dual line system where the fronts are separate from the backs so at least if one of them develop a leak, Rod will have brakes on at least two wheels…which is a lot better than none.


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