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Arrival in Reims

Road to Reims

Arrival in Reims

Today started with a jolt. If the cars were struggling or not, crews were not to drive direct to Reims via the freeway or we would be fined €100, which would be donated to charity!

“We decided not to pay and took the route,” explains Rod. “After an hour, I would have accepted double the fine. The roads or tracks were narrow and today we went through at least 25 villages with speed limits ranging from 50 down to 35kph, very time consuming. There were checkpoints strategically placed and if you missed one a 25euro fine would apply.

“We made it to Reims in 10 hours of solid driving around another 1,000 corners!!! There was one piece of joy, after the last checkpoint we punched in the hotel details into the iPad and it took us down the dual carriageway for the last 30k. What a relief.

“Tomorrow we have 170k drive to Paris departing at 9am. The finish line beckons.”

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