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After a detailed inspection of Ruby

After a detailed inspection of Ruby

After a detailed inspection of Ruby, my 2019 P2P car, much damage from the 2016 P2P was uncovered and as a result it is virtually a total rebuild.  The roads on the P2P 2016 and the loose nut holding the steering wheel has resulted in at least 3 months of under body repairs.

All the necessary major repair parts have been ordered out of the US and will be here within a month.   The body damage on the rear quarter as a result of an off and a figure eight due to excessive speed on a race track caused again by a loose nut holding the steering wheel is going to take some time for the panel beater to repair.  I do not use fiberglass mudguards, only original steel ones and when crumpled they do take a measure of expertise to get back into shape.    I am lucky to have one of the best to do that, Dean is a wizard and will get it done.

I actually have a professional panel shop that I leased out that will be vacant soon so doing the job there will be better than in the home garage especially when it comes to paint. The panel shop has a state of the art spray booth in it so all should turn out OK.

Kelly from Scottsdale USA, my navigator for the 2019 P2P, is studying hard learning the unique navigation skills required for the P2P.  I am sure she will do a sterling job.  I am banking on her as she is on me to end up with a good result.

The new garage for all my cars will hopefully be completed before Christmas…it has been a huge job due to its size and because it is built on a steep slope.

I just can’t wait for the P2P 2019 to start.

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