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1955 Holden FJ


1955 Holden FJ


In production from 1953 to 1956, the FJ soon became extremely popular thanks to a reputation for combining rugged construction with good performance and interior space. The monocoque bodywork featured a distinctive chrome grille, while beneath the bonnet was a straight-six engine producing 65bhp. An update in 1955 brought a number of improvements, and by the time production ended almost 170,000 had been built.


Last registered in 1977, this particular car has a fantastic history as it has been in the family from new. Originally bought by my grandma, it then passed to my mother before being handed over to a shearer for restoration. With the car seeming to have disappeared, some detective work located the shearer and the car some 1200 kilometres away.

The interior of the Holden had been stripped and one door rubbed down ready for painting, while all parts were present and in quite good shape and body panels exhibited just light surface rust. The original radio is also present, and the original 6v battery arrangement has been replaced with an 8v system.

Here in Australia restored examples can fetch $100k+ and I reckon this car could be driveable in a very short time.


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