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1917 Ford Model T getting rally ready

Ford Model T engine

1917 Ford Model T getting rally ready

I currently have a 1917 Ford Model T being rally prepped by my longtime engine builder Ora Landis of Schalm’s Babbited Bearings, in Strasburg, Pennsylvania USA. Ora has worked on all both the cars I have used for the Peking to Paris rallies in 2016 and 2019.

The initial build was for the car to be ready for the 2022 Peking to Paris but the global pandemic put stop to that. So now when finished, the 1917 Model T will be shipped to Australia to undergo testing.

It will also have specialised desert water cooling modifications, aerodynamic modifications to the front screen, a canopy with better air flow characteristics and long range fuel tanks.

A desert trial run is planned to begin in April 2022.

I will share more on this vehicle as soon as it arrives on local soil.

Then all I will need then is a challenge for the 1917 T Ford. I’m working on it.




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