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13 Days to Lift Off!

13 Days to Off Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

13 Days to Lift Off!

Only 13 days to go before lift off!!

I’m into the night shift now and thinking through just what is needed for deep water and boggy river crossings. You know, the type where crocodiles lurk in wait! I don’t want to be stuck in the water without any doors to keep the crocs out. So it is imperative that the Rattler does not stop in the creeks. If traction is lost, recovery has to be swift, yes really quick.

Tonight I fitted an 18mm threaded lifting eye to the centre of the front bumper of the Rattler and added cross bracing to take the load. This is the front towing position. If retrieval is necessary, with time being the killer, the strap will be ready for the grab and throw to the tow vehicle in under a minute. I have seen so many vehicles become bogged, with someone on their belly in the mud and slush trying to attach a tow strap.

The best thing to do is attach the tow strap to the vehicle before entering the water/bog and if traction is lost the driver can throw the strap to someone and they can connect it to a tow vehicle. Sometimes two or even three straps may be needed to be joined together so the tow vehicle can find solid ground. In that case the tow vehicle has already been prepared and the correct length of straps attached to the tow vehicle so only one quick connection is required. It is not a good look to see your vehicle slowly moving downstream whilst someone works out where or how to attach the lifeline tow strap!!!


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